Every Tuesday at Noon Eastern!

Comedian Darnell Williams brings his special brand of comedy and insight to look at life, relationships, and the lighter side of the ups and downs we all go through. This will be a live and fully interactive call-in program where audiences become part of the show to laugh, vent, and unload the burden just a little bit.

Premiering January 19 !

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About "Big D" Darnell Williams

This is ‘Big D’ AKA Darnell Williams from Newark, New Jersey. I love talking to people and making them smile, so standup just came naturally. 

I have  been doing standup comedy for nearly two years. My first time in front of an audience was amazing and I knew making people laugh was my calling.

I feel like we could all use a laugh right now and a lot of positivity. This is my gift to you and I hope you will make time to share a laugh, a few stories, and help us all get back to what matters- real people with a goal to connect with each other. 

If no one told you this today – you are beautiful and I love you!

Now, lets talk that shit out! 

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