"How Do We Pay For It?"

The answer is simple and easier than we have been lead to believe.

Estate Trafficking and Probate Extortion

Elder Abuse has been a topic covered for decades, but few covered abuses in the Probate court systems. There is a nefarious pattern of unscrupulous

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State Sanctioned Kidnapping & Extortion: Are you at risk?

Special Report “Estate Trafficking” with www.cearjustice.org This is as close as they could get to owning a human in America – it is all perfectly

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Justice Or Revolution?

Panelists Das Leune Director’s Assistant for “Judas and the Black Messiah”, Samaria Rice Mother of Tamir Rice and Kwame Shakur of the Black Liberation Circle

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Job Guarantee with Dr Fadhel Kaboub

Is the Jobs Guarantee really a threat to workers and the ‘Free Market’ as writers on WJS and Forbes suggest? Is this a program that

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The Landlord Game (Part 1)

A compelling look by PhD economist Sherry Wise at the history of antitrust laws and how the Robber Barrons ruled unchecked by regulation. This is a vital look back to better understand where neocons and neoliberals are driving us now.

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HR6697: America’s Small Business v The Chamber of Commerce

HR6697, submitted by New Hampshire Representative Chris Pappas on May 5. dubbed, “Amend the Small Business Act to expand the Paycheck Protection Program for certain organizations, and for other purposes,” the bill itself has no text nor summary reference on the Congress.gov bill tracking site for public view.

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