Black History Month for White Allies

Kerri & Andy are celebrating Black History Month by gently tearing down myths and examining the ways in which white allies can avoid missteps.

Using thoughtful examples and the customary humor, Kerri and Andy explore underlying causes that contribute to “fauxgressive wokeness”. Come along in this delightful series of episodes and see how we can all improve on a personal journey to equality and a celebration of diversity!

Hair of the Dog – Denmark, SC Water Crisis

As in Flint, MI, residents of Denmark, SC have been poisoned by a pesticide added to their municipal water supply. This was no accident and city official readily admit they used a chemical banned by the EPA as a toxic substance unfit for human consumption. Still, years later, the 3,000 taxpayers have no answers, no one has been held accountable, and no justice has been served.

The Slow Erosion of Workers’ Rights and Prop22 In Cali

Join Kerri and Andy with special guest Randy Korgan of the Teamsters Union as they discuss the implications of Prop 22 and why it is important to all workers.

Will Cali’s Prop 22 subvert employee rights and create a permanent “gig worker” class? Where Cali goes, so goes the nation: from Right to Work laws to nation-wide temp contractors, workers are feeling the pressure. Where are unions in this fight? Tune in for this
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