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See all the specs so that if changes are needed, we can make adjustments to maximize results.

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The cornerstone of making sustainable change is supporting candidates and causes and we know every dollar counts.

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Our brand has skyrocketed, but that does not mean you missed a great opportunity.

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We work with you to maximize results and provide you with a performance report for deep analysis. When you do well, so do we!

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We cater to any budget and help you get maximum exposure to the correct targeted audience. Customize a plan that fits your needs and, whether you want to start out small or go big, know that your adverting dollars are spent with a Progressive company.


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What Can I Expect?

Nope. Never. Your relationship with us should be mutually beneficial, but we don’t tell you how to run your business nor who you can work with. We are fiercely independent so that we can maintain a high level of integrity and fidelity to the Progressive Movement. Sometimes this means shedding light in dark places and, to do this properly, we cannot be hampered by anyone. Because we operate this way, we protect our reputation and we do not try to muzzle on-air hosts as a testament to our commitment to free speech.

We are sensitive to the needs of our community so we limit the number of ad spaces available every month. This also means your ad isn’t competing with others so you get maximum exposure.

We are flexible and understand that sometimes a little goes a long way. Let’s talk and see if we can come up with an ad package that works for you.

Thank you! We love that enthusiasm to help support our work. Every dollar goes toward software subscription costs, hosting services, hardware upgrades and yes, even paying our staff. Please use our secure payment via and thank you for helping support out mission. 

You can certainly do that, too. We have show sponsorship packages and ‘Tip Jar’ accounts for our staff. One thing to consider however, it takes a team to get a show on the air and a lot of the work is done behind the scenes. Either way, your support for everything we do matters so much and we thank you!

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