Join Kerri and Andy in a discussion of a report of an alleged attempt to intentionally poison South Carolina residents. This is still a developing story and we  invite public crowdsourcing. If you have verifiable information, source data, or witness testimony, please contact  us.

As in Flint, MI, residents of Denmark, SC have been poisoned by a pesticide added to their municipal water supply. This was no accident and city official readily admit they used a chemical banned by the EPA as a toxic substance unfit for human consumption. Still, years later, the 3,000 taxpayers have no answers, no one has been held accountable, and no justice has been served.

Fortunately, former State Rep Bakari Sellers is also a Denmark resident and his law firm has begun a class action lawsuit. But where is the State’s Attorney on this when clearly a crime has been committed. Why are the government checks and balances always failing working families leaving them with the burden or funding their own court case? Andy why are their Congressmen silent? This district falls within Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott and Jim Clyburn’s purview to lend weight to the plight of residents. Where are they?


“It is the responsibility of the supplier to register their product(s) with FIFRA. HaloSan is approved for its intended use as a disinfectant by the National Sanitation Foundation. That approval as a drinking water additive is required by State Drinking Water Regulations.

-Kristy Ellenberg, DHEC’s public participation coordinator, states in the 2018 email that Denmark’s water “meets the requirements of all EPA drinking water quality standards.”


Clearly, someone is lying. See the video  and supporting documents below.

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The statement by state and local officials citing a national certification company as saying HaloSan was safe. The company itself says it follows EPA guidance.
Here are screenshots of the EPA findings on this group of chemicals. These are so caustic, human trials could not be used. Instead the results are for rats and rabbits. The EPA bans these pesticides from human consumption.
This is Denmark’s water report saying the water is safe. Remember, they are NOT required to test for HaloSan, so of course their limited testing passes established requirements.
Berry Systems’s archived HaloSan brochure
The crime is so egregious, it prompted private water companies to weigh in, although they did not have to.

Improper use of a deadly chemical and yet no one has been arrested nor the business being blamed under investigation. How can this be?