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Disagreement is not the problem. Creating the lies and infrastructure to destroy democracy is.

RC Romine

It has taken decades of assault for many of us to even understand that there is a civil war going on. Under Donald Trump, we can see the order of battle and the targets of their war just by listening to their rhetoric and lies. They have turned nearly half of this nation into an army of information and propaganda zombies, using every fear and prejudice to their advantage; kind of like the virus-induced rage of popular zombie movies. 

This is in fact a civil war of perception, of misinformation and a purposeful use of lies reinforced by myth and tsunamis of money to use chaos and uncertainty as a weapon against the American people. All to gain power and wealth. There are those I call the Cons (Conservative Authoritarians) that fund it all, drive it all, and whose twisted ideology they seek to impose on our nation.

They praised a President that promised everything and did nothing, followed the ideology of libertarians and Russians, put his businesses above the nation and lied about nearly everything. They worked to destroy Social Security and Medicare, NATO and our other alliances at the behest of the worst of the worst, the Cons and the Russians, who we will probably find out hold the paper on his properties. Donald Trump was in every way the worst President we have ever had. But yet the Con’s propaganda machine and information war effort nearly got him reelected. This is the power of their forces at work, wrecking this nation. They may not be using guns and tanks, but lies and an information war are tearing our great nation apart. This is indeed a civil war, just a different kind of one.

We have come to the crucible of our democracy. 

Does “Free Speech” include a propaganda war on the nation? Is the massive leverage of money the same as the free speech of individuals? Of course they are not!  But those are the foundational arguments behind the Con’s assaults on democracy. We can’t begin to turn it all around by fighting those battles until we fight the battle to destroy the foundations of the Cons’ and Nutzis’ lies, reinforcing the myth and propaganda machine. 

We have given the rich Cons’ super rights to which they are in no way entitled. It is only in our acceptance of lies as everyday and normal that they can exist at all. This is not about repression, even though that is obviously what they seek to impose. This is about freedom, which is real and not ideological. It is about basing our lives and our nation on truth, logic, ethics and honesty of intent. 

We have fought our version of Gettysburg in this last election. But there is a long war ahead. You can see in what they insist is truth, but is obvious as lies. They feel we cannot resist the weight of their lies and money. But as with the Founders, we need to stand shoulder to shoulder, saying that they shall not pass any further. Then we must move to make truth, logic, ethics, and honesty of intent a new backbone for the Constitution. 

We as Americans have a right to the truth. In fact we own the truth. It is not owned by virtue of wealth or ownership of the distribution of information. Their intent to wreck democracy is not a right. Protecting the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic includes those that assault our democracy, through the forces of lies and the ability to buy cronies and minions. Disagreement is not the problem. Creating the lies and infrastructure to destroy democracy is. Because they well know that disagreement based on the same, real, verifiable and a window on reality facts, will strengthen our democracy and fix our problems, they attack our democracy with lies and alternate facts to keep us from understanding exactly what they are doing.

About Richard C. Romine

Romine is an author and business professional with a BS degree from the University of South Florida in political science and a minor in history. He has experience leading several startup companies and manages his own national marketing company specializing in construction materials with a target market of national hotel chains and contracting firms.

Romine has authored several books and has been writing on economic and business issues since the cataclysm of the 2008 Great Recession.

The Foundations Codex and The Foundations Chronicles were written with the realization that the next generation will have to deal with the folly of this current downturn, that we have ceded our democracy, the Founder’s gifts of government for and, “by the people,” to a small group of that some call the Billionaires Cons.

  • The Foundations Codex chronicles the first six years of a national cooperative, designed to return the value of people, create jobs and return democracy. Through the only real agent of change, economics.
  • The Foundations Chronicles tell the tale of the time of the Cons Takeover and the death of billions, all for those that would be God.

Both books were written as a blueprint for those that come after us to give them hope.