The Landlord Game (Part 1)

A compelling look by PhD economist Sherry Wise at the history of antitrust laws and how the Robber Barrons ruled unchecked by regulation. This is a vital look back to better understand where neocons and neoliberals are driving us now.

Hair of the Dog – Denmark, SC Water Crisis

As in Flint, MI, residents of Denmark, SC have been poisoned by a pesticide added to their municipal water supply. This was no accident and city official readily admit they used a chemical banned by the EPA as a toxic substance unfit for human consumption. Still, years later, the 3,000 taxpayers have no answers, no one has been held accountable, and no justice has been served.

The Second American Civil War

We as Americans have a right to the truth. It is not owned by virtue of wealth or ownership of the distribution of information. Their intent to wreck democracy is not a right. Protecting the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic includes those that assault our democracy, through the forces of lies and the ability to buy cronies and minions. Disagreement is not the problem. Creating the lies and infrastructure to destroy democracy is.