There is a lot the Anglo-White American gets wrong with assumptions about the Latino voter, namely that its one big group and not diverse peoples and heritages. There’s also a misconception that Latino means “Brown” when many, in fact, consider themselves white. Dispelling the myths to bridge the divide.This multipart series explores the diverse  cultures, attitudes and those concerns that  run common to everyone. The GOP has long invested heavily is reaching out to listen and that  investment has paid off. Latinos support  Trump despite the rhetoric and policy.

This series aims to scratch the surface on why that may be and what progressives can do to bridge the divide.

Part One: The Fallacy of Race and the Latino Voting Bloc, is it just a white construct?

Kerri and Andy tackle the tough subject of racial divide looking at the large group of voters with a common Latino heritage…or is it? This myth is predicated on Anglo-Whites who neither understand the diversity among Latino group, not recognize their ethnic diversity.

Isn’t the term “race” itself merely an inaccurate construct of European whites intended to marginalize the lighter skin tones of  Latinos by segmenting them into “white and Latino” categories?

How then do we explain the Latino member of white supremacists groups? What does this mean during the rise of hate crimes across the country where #BLM includes “Black and brown bodies” with the unintended consequence of pushing white Latinos further to the right?

Kerri and Andy explores there  themes and provide  some contradictory evidence that pushes back altogether on pigeonholed peoples in the United States.

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Part Two: The Myth of the Latino Voting Bloc, La segunda parte

“This water sure is spicy!” and other things WYPIPL say to completely get it wrong about our Latino neighbors and the myth of the cross-culture voting bloc. Catch that #FridayFeeling as we continue on the quest of understanding why some Latino voters still love the GOP and what the DNC is doing wrong. #TrumpHatesVeterans #LatinosForTrump

We continue exploring the myths of the monolithic Latino voter and parse out the Cuban culture in a brief interview with an American veteran and progressive organizer of Cuban heritage, Michael Tauler. Tauler retells of his experience growing up as the first American-born member of his family, his identity as white within that framework, and how the terms we use as progressive strike an immediate negative tone with many Cuban Americans.

Kerri details two examples of the US not living up to promises made to the Latino community: The pledge to naturalize Latinos who serve in the military and not deport family members, and the sacking of an historic cemetery in Texas. Aren’t we trying to preserve southern statutes? If so, then why is a significant landmark like this cemetery going under the bulldozer for Trump’s wall?

Both Liberals and Conservatives are complicit in these crimes, so the first one to reconcile and make things right may earn the votes of Latinos in these areas.

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And just for fun- the Reddit list for Veterans with cited sources