Ryan Balch was there the night Kyle Rittenhouse murmured civilians and even spoke to him beforehand. Ryan wants to set the record strait about what he and his ex military cohort was doing their, what instigators did to incite violence, who the militia members really were and how the Kenosha police stood idle.

Ryan shares his eye-witness account, rebuts the video circulating of him, and maintains that his small cadre was there to ensure BLM protestors had their rights protected as well as the safety of business and citizens was respected. He speaks of the militia members he met, how Kenosha police catered to them, and maintains there was a second shooter who was surrounded in an apartment building that was also arrested. Kenosha police have released no information on this second suspect nor that he was apprehended.

As a Libertarian, Ryan is focused on Constitutional protections and that all parties obey the law. Hear his story and why he was in Kenosha that night.

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Ryan Balch's Statement on Events

Link to Ryan’s public statement: https://www.facebook.com/ryan.balch1/posts/3400273366678006

By Ryan Balch

This is my Official Statement regarding actions that took place on 8/25/2020-8/26/2030 in Kenosha Wisconsin.

I’m gonna start with a list of terms and their definition.
BLM- a member of or the peaceful protesting contingent.
Antifa- a member of or a group of far left militants that partake in direct action.
Agitator- a person or persons who are not affiliated with any defined group. There for the specific purpose of causing destruction and mayhem.
Militia- armed private citizens acting as a member of a nonuniformed force.
MTH- Militia Held Territory
NML- No Man’s Land
PHT- Police Held Territory

Yesterday at 6pm i joined a contingent of militia along with two unaligned observers headed to Kenosha Wisconsin to protect citizens, their property and their livelihoods.

After infiltrating in Kenosha we found a group of militia made up mostly of males in their early 20’s and late teens. Realizing that they were undermanned and had no leadership on ground at all. We joined them and I inserted myself into a tactical advisement role. The owners then deputized us to protect his properties. We then were joined by another group of bikers carrying hatchets, ball bats and firearms.
After sorting it out we left them at the southern location. As that was the least likely place for them to meet protesters.(where the first shooting and subsequent exchanges of fire came from.) we then moved to the north location 2 city blocks to the north. Where we took up defensive positions and placed men on the roof. We were on the demarcation line for MHT and NML. Protesters coming south on Sheridan would encounter us before anyone else thus giving us the ability to set the tone for the interactions between BLM, Antifa and Agitators with Militia.

For the first couple of hours things were mostly uneventful aside from Agitators trying to break into and burn down a restaurant. We crossed into NML to stop this and aided by BLM we were able stop that. The same agitators around 30-45 minutes later probed our northern boundary. And we shooed them off by being verbally aggressive. As the night dragged on we made frequent trips to the southern location eventually we found that it had been abandoned by the bikers. So I gave the hospital security my phone number. And they agreed to inform me if something happened there.

When I returned from that trip we were joined by another friend of mine a Marine Veteran and maintained our perimeter.

For the next hour or so. Around this time is when a KPD Officer approached us and this is where they told us that they were going to be pushing the protesters towards us because we could deal with them. We never agreed to this and (as has been cleanly cut out of every video of me explaining this) thusly switched to a protect the public stance. including BLM, Antifa and the public at large.

KPD made a conscious decision to abandon the people of Kenosha to people they felt justified in using machines and weapons of war against. And were going to piss them off and drive them at us and let the chips fall where they may. We on the other hand had other plans. We quickly setup an aid station in the building we were protecting. Kyle did most of that. We started leaving MHT and going into NML to retrieve wounded BLM and Antifa members providing them with first aid and helping them get to the hospital. We escorted groups of BLM past KPD Snatch and Grab teams. All the while letting everyone know that we were there for them. To protect, to aid and to offer a bit of comfort.

All the while having tense exchanges with agitators who were dead set on destroying the town and causing serious bodily harm to innocents. Notable of which was the bald guy in the red shirt. If you were between him and something he could destroy he’d threaten you, he’d verbally assault you, he’d bluff charge you with something in his hand. He was in fact not being very cash money.
Agitators attacked us with homemade chemical weapons and with things taken off off police. We never once responded with violence lethal or otherwise.

The protesters went back and forth with KPD several times KPD up and down Sheridan. When KPD saw we were running an aid station they gassed us. So bad that I required medical care. As Kyle escorted me into the aid station they tossed us water and mockingly said they appreciated what we were doing.

After that they’d pushed the protesters pass the intersection with the gas station. Kyle my Marine friend and myself walked passed the police and started looking for injuries to treat. I got accosted by an agitator and got separated from them during this.

Unable to locate them I started back to the north building and got stopped by the cops. That’s when the shooting started. Upon hearing the shots I ran towards the gunfire moving to cover. To my left I spotted my friend rendering aid to the guy shot in the arm. I ran over made sure he had it and ran to the guy who was shot in the chest. He had unfortunately already passed. I helped load his body and effects into the MRAP when shooting erupted again. To the south so I ran south to the southern location upon arrival the area was being shot up from a building to the west. I also had picked up a cameraman and two armed Antifa on the way there upon seeing armed individuals the shooting stopped. Until the police surrounded the building.
It was a chaotic situation and no one knew how many shooters there were or why. But aside from a few individuals the different factions on the ground came together to at least try to handle the situation. Im under the impression that there were two. But only one actually shot anyone.

At this point things settled down we gave a couple of statements to freelance media. Had a great conversation with BLM about the police creating the situation and then we left.

In closing
Last nights situation was a terrible event. One that’s being twisted to further divide the people. I’ve seen my own words and actions being twisted so much that they don’t reflect reality. 20 seconds of several minute long conversations being put forth as gospel.
I put this together to get my version of the night out there. To clear the air. It is my belief that we only faced one monster out there that night. The Government. it sought to agitate, and create a situation where this would happen. I’m seeing people refer to this as the start of some “civil war” in certain communities. I don’t know about that but it’s even clearer to me after the fact that we need to unite under a common cause and stop letting them trick us into killing one another and destroying one another’s lives. Together we’re far stronger than we are divided.