Hair for the Dog welcomes Morris Pearl of Patriotic Millionaires

Hair of the Dog hosts welcome Morris Pearl @PatrioticMills to discuss why these affluent folks think they have the answers. The organization in helping lead […]

Activist Profiles – Stringer Harris

Stringer Harris has a proven track record as a community activist helping recover missing persons, to feeding the homeless, and even getting accountability from police for wrongdoing. Stringer is fresh from his own arrest as a member of the group protesting the wrongful death of Eric Lurry in Joliet, IL.

Election Fraud & Other Illusions

How conspiracy theory websites gave rise to a widely spread disinformation campaign apparently aimed at voter suppression.
There is disinformation, and then there are flat out lies. In the context of an election these deceptions are used to sway voters, and at the extreme, encourage apathy or discourage participation.

Ravening in the White House

Barr and Wolf are on the cusp of realizing years of planning coming to fruition. Centrist conservatives and liberals wring their hands over legal controversy while Barr has his appointed loyalists in nearly every federal agency willing to play an active role in this usurpation of power. They are quite literally reshaping the national framework as we know it. They have spent decades preparing to implement authoritarianism and an end to what they view as a failed experiment of American democracy.