A sobering Monday look at headlines, #JusticeForElijah, #AntiFaTerrorists and new DOJ orders plus the DNC virtual convention and more!

Kerri and Andy begin the week ahead of the Canada Day and U.S.Independence Day celebrations coming up to discuss the meaning behind these holidays – justice…or the lack thereof, as the case may be.

This is where just a little bit of corruption plays a big part in bringing everything down with it. Take the recent announcement by the DNC to host a virtual convention. Sounds like a great idea because of COVID19, but look a little closer. In a story we published on June 3, we warned folks that the power was actually being given wholesale to DNC members openly trying to remove the Super delegate reforms won in 2017. They just got their wish – and the keys to the kingdom to rewrite the rules unless the Sanders campaign can earn 1200 delegated before the convention. We still do not have an accurate count as states like Colorado have JUST announced a Sanders win after more than 60 past the presidential primary contest and delete total still have not been released.

DNC Repeal of Superdelegate Reform

The conversation turns to the DOJ announcement last week in a memo from Attorney General William Barr recommending a hard stance on anti-government “terrorists” using “violence”. Wait…antifascists are anti-government? Does that mean an admission that we have a fascists administration and what does “violent” mean?

According to Baton Rouge law enforcement, it means Anne Rolfes and Kate McIntosh were charged with felony terrorism and paraded around in shackles after collecting plastic pellets and garbage which they neatly packed up and sent to executives of the company who caused the waste to be manufactured and stalled environmental protection efforts.

via the Intercept: https://theintercept.com/2020/06/25/environmental-activists-charged-terrorizing-louisiana-formosa/
“The accusations against the activists, Anne Rolfes and Kate McIntosh, stem from a seemingly innocuous activist stunt carried out in December, the day after a festival designed to draw attention to the environmental misdeeds of Formosa Plastics. The Taiwanese petrochemical company plans to build a massive plastics manufacturing complex in a largely Black Louisiana community that has already suffered health problems linked to local industry. In October, Formosa agreed to a $50 million settlement for dumping pollutants, including the small pellets that form the building blocks for plastic products known as nurdles, into Texas’s Lavaca Bay — the largest settlement of a Clean Water Act lawsuit filed by private citizens.”

Finally it is the tale of two Elijah’s – one from Aurora Colorado and one from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Elijah McClain was murdered last year by three officers we now know were trying to cover their tracks in beating the 140 gentle Elijah who committed no crime and was nothing but kind and conciliatory to officers, Aurora residents held a vigil and played a memorial string concert for him to model the way Elijah had played his violin for kittens in the shelter where he volunteered.

Behind the attendees, Aurora police stood in riot gear, tear gas ready and snipers trained on Elijah’s mother as she spoke about the loss of her son. The three officers who killed Elijah have not been charged.

Across the country, Elijah Weatherspoon, a handsome 18 yr old, went missing on June 25. He had spend the day on a boat with seven friends and was the only one not to return. The seven friends who did return, all white, had wildly conflicting stories about what happened to Elijah, a young man his family says was a great swimmer.

Authorities declined to investigate and ruled Elijah’s death an accidental drowning. His family is petitioning to reopen the case and see that a proper investigation is done. The odd part- all media references to this case are gone. Coincidence?

Here is the family’s petition: https://www.change.org/p/mount-pleasant-pd-re-open-the-investigation-of-elijah-weatherspoon-s-death?source_location=topic_page