Protect this House!

Nationally known activists Rome Bethea and Anthony Clark are organizing an awareness event in Lansing, MI at the Michigan Capital at noon on Wednesday, May 20. The purpose is to support state and local legislators, legislative staff, and the people of Michigan during the necessary quarantine and social distancing in the wake of a global pandemic.

Wednesday, May 20 at Noon

Michigan Capital Building

Lansing, MI


  • Already more than 4,600 Michigan residents have died and another 48,000 may experience lasting serious complications from the COVID19 outbreak. Treatment for acute cases is expected to cost families upwards of $13,000, even with insurance. 
  • Scientists and researchers are now releasing data on recovered patients who have experienced serious issues from aneurysms, stroke, liver, and kidney disease as a result of complications with COVID19.
  • New evidence points to serious and life threatening inflammation in children who have been exposed to COVID19. 
  • The Trump Administration’s own specialists have testified that a vaccine will not be available within a year time and even the anticipated 18 month expectation requires absolutely everything to work perfectly; a scenario that has never before happened. 
  • Even if a vaccine were available tomorrow, getting the public fully inoculated would take months to accomplish.
  • The bipartisan efforts in Washington, DC are helping the states recover lost revenue, helping provide income to laid off and furloughed workers, and providing the necessary funds to our small business through several programs available through the Small Business Administration. 
  • These funds help keep our families safe, our communities protected, and ensure  our small business  owners can continue  working  once the threat has passed. 
  • We need a rent and mortgage forgiveness to protect our citizens and know that Wall Street and Banks have already received $12 trillion of the people’s money to allow for this.
  • We need to extend access to care to our citizens, not an insurance contract, not more subsidies to financial insurance brokers, but real access to care through clinics, hospitals, the VA and senior centers. 
  • We need a moratorium on debt collections and evictions during what is an unprecedented threat to our state.


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There is no room to play politics when our lives are at stake.
We Stand Together

We stand with Michigan.

We know that the efforts to protest the lock down are not organic. In fact, they are set on politicking and profiting off the deaths of our families. 

We are the ones being asked to sacrifice ourselves for profit. Our businesses must wait while Wall Street and political cronies take public bailouts.

We stand with taxpayers here at home. We pay our taxes and demand equal protection as guaranteed under the United States Constitution. They withhold their taxes and would see a public endangered for profit. 

We demand that our state government fulfill its mandate and purpose of, “… the protection, security, and benefit of the people,” as stated in the Michigan Constitution. In our Constitution, the rights are enumerated but equal.

We are here to offer a counter argument on behalf of our neighbors, our front-line workers, our most vulnerable, and our small businesses who live and work here with us. We are being ignored in Congress and should not have to pay the price with our lives.

Where They Stand

They stand for billionaires.

Michigan Conservative Coalition filed as the Michigan Trump Republicans and is funded by the Michigan Freedom Fund with ties to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

The fascist Michigan Proud Boys stand against what  our parents and grandparent fought and died to protect us from. They do not stand for Michigan and they do not stand for our families, but make no mistake these non-profit groups are happy to withhold paying their taxes while threatening the lives of capital staff and lawmakers. 

They would deny citizens, even the most vulnerable among us, those protections and our rights. The proof is disregard for the laws of this state and the safety of our neighbors. They ignore this at our peril.

They are here because they fear an election in November. To that we say the actions of every candidate who seeks to represent this country are better served by keeping voters alive, safe, and working with the legislature we, the people of Michigan, elected here in our state.