By Don E. Ford, Strategist


After hearing so many brilliant progressives speak recently about what’s next, it occurred to me that the long term goalposts for how we get from where we are to where we want to be were largely undefined.

So, I wrote up a four stage process to create the thing we all want as progressive activists… And this is how we get the Progressive future we want.

And that’s what this is…  A future worth fighting for.

Phase 1: Relief

Phase 1: Relief

These are all temporary solutions to get us through the Pandemic. Progressives are not going to love some of these elements but they are necessary stopgaps.

First off, everything must be rebranded as “relief.” The “stimulus” comes later.

  • Eviction Ban until 6 months after the Pandemic is over, must be recognized by the WHO.
  • Guarantee that anyone who needs treatment for COVID can get it.
  • Create a Relief Payment of 2k per person per month for one year, with expansion options.
  • Immediate rent and mortgage freeze and forgiveness. Owners file directly with the IRS.
  • Extend the CARE ACT until the end of the year with a provision for another year.
  • Expand Hazard pay for Healthcare and Grocery Store workers, that list would expand.
  • National Funding to support state government budget shortfalls through the crisis.
  • Enforce expansion of UI benefits in states that are not distributing it properly.
  • Expanded sick days for front line workers.
  • Further expansion of and lowering of restrictions related to SNAP Benefits.
  • Immediate expanded support for indigenous communities.
  • Extend Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) to mandatory workers as Hazard Pay retroactively to Feb 2nd… below 75k.
  • Reopen the Healthcare market and remove the limits for government assistance.
  • Directly subsidize COBRA for those already using it.
  • Develop a plan to make Prescription Medication cost-free to consumers.
  • Stop debtors from collecting any type of relief payment, except child support – taxed at 50%.
  • Alter the small business loan program so that publicly traded companies are ineligible.
  • Allow more small businesses to open if they choose to, impose strict social distancing policies.
  • Funding for the Post Office until 2025 or longer.
  • Funding for full Vote By Mail  to ALL registered Voters in Nov with funding for election oversight.
  • Money granted via the Paycheck Protection Program must be distributed to employees as HP.
  • Expand the PPP to include furloughed workers and subsidies or grants for their missing income.
  • Readily available testing, both antibody, and virus. Must be cost-free.
  • The immediate closure of any chemical using or producing plant that creates toxic or chemical waste.
  • Extend the freeze on all student loans and debts – freeze all interest.
  • Expanding VA funding to cover all Military C19 related illness or injury.
  • Expand Suicide Hotline support until the economy is actually restarted.
  • Develop new Safety Protocols for Canvassing to finish the Census.
  • Cancel all Payday loans, Fed buyout for original cost minus payments.
  • Get those kids seeking asylum out of the cages.
  • Administer Healthcare works to the border camps.
  • Nationwide suspension of all DMV related deadlines until 2021.
Phase 2: Restructuring
  • Build a program to allow renters to buy their rental properties using government grants.
  • Transform the Relief Payment into a permanent UBI that scales yearly.
  • Nationalize the Unemployment System separate from the IRS.
  • Strategically plan the collapse of COBRA, Medicare, etc, into a Federal Healthcare System.
  • Expand the DMV to handle this new FHS.
  • Force insurance companies to become Non-profits again, they will still exist.
  • More Small Business Loans that become Grants – Third wave
    -4 day work week and grants for businesses that let employees work from home.
  • Larger Grants if they distribute the grant payments to workers.
  • Grants for College and standardization of costs to Americans.
  • Re-purpose of production plants, waste sites, and superfund sites.
  • Ending “Redlining” including grants for formally redlined communities.

  • Transform the Post Offices to include a Public Bank.
  • Raise the Corporate Tax rate on profit for large businesses to promote local investment.
  • Restructure all US Medical Debt to currently subsidized values and pay it off with the treasury.
  • Continue funding for Vote By Mail elections to ALL eligible voters.
    Cancel all For-Profit Prison Contracts with state governments to maintain cell volume.
  • Re-imagine our miltary groups as a peace maintainer instead of a war developer.
  • Fund the VA to modernize, including hire staff to catch up their overwhelming backlog of cases.
  • Stop the movement of capital from banks in America to offshore without extreme taxation.
  • Remove tax liability of the individual citizens to the Federal body, State and Local will remain.
  • Coordinate a National Hospital plan so that we can coordinate equal and effective care.
  • Examine our Immigration Policy and streamline the process.
  • Nationalize (locally) Utility Services.
  • End tariffs and sanctions on countries around the world.
Phase 3: Rebuilding
  • Increase the minimum wage to be greater than increased UI benefits.
  • Create a Jobs Guarantee Plan.
  • Cancel student debt for people who go back to work.
  • Massive infrastructure repair and improvements.
  • Expanding Benefits and Grants for continuing in Sciences and Teaching.
  • Investments in Green Energy; algae, solar, wind, & kinetic energy gathering.
  • Improvements to our transit system, high-speed rail, etc…
  • Large investment into our School infrastructure to keep us competitive in a global market.
  • Build out the Federal Healthcare Plan to include the VA.
  • Identify our national water sources and nationalize them.
  • Cut Military emissions around the world by 65%.
  • Forbid the purchase of any military-based government-funded copyright holder.
  • Funding for projects that teach folks to grow their own food including community gardens.
  • Develop a water desalination plant that requires less energy.
  • Expand and improve existing and new public housing.
  • Create new Farming subsidies that improve the quality and variety of food produced.
  • Built new hospitals and schools in areas that need them.
Phase 4: Redistribute

Everything from this point would be called “Stimulus.”

  • One time Stimulus of 3.5k-5k per person.
  • Reparations.
  • More Loans and Grants to Stimulate Small Business growth.
  • NonProfit Grants.
  • Permanent UBI, adjusted yearly.
  • National Healthcare Protection for anyone inside the country, citizen or otherwise.
  • Continue cutting all Military waste.
  • Funding for Art and Community Development.
  • Set Minimum wage to adjust yearly.
  • Create Public Funding for Elections.
  • Develop a blockchain process for secure online voting.



You can fit our entire platform into this timeline.