David Sanbeck is already beating the odds heading in to the general election for November.

He is a solidly progressive candidate and sits poised to win Minnesota’s 4th Congressional seat. From there he hopes to partner with Ilhan Omar of Minnesota’s neighboring 5th district and help pass fiscally sound legislation backed by the majority of Americans across the country.

But first, he has to beat a Democratic party challenger who has not even filled her paperwork yet. This challenger is the incumbent who files late to avoid campaign filing requirements and the added scrutiny of her voting record.

However, she did not escape criticism last year when she became a vocal critic of Israel.

The Minnpost reported:

“This year, McCollum, who represents Minnesota’s Fourth District, introduced the second iteration of a bill that would prohibit the use of U.S. military funding by Israel to detain Palestinian children: the Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act or H.R. 2407.”

While she took heat for her barbs, the bill itself went nowhere. After it was introduced in April 2019, it was never assigned to committee. It was certainly a safe bet as House Speak Pelosi has been an unwavering supporter of Israel’s policies, human rights abuses be damned.

But back home, Health Care for All Minnesota, a civic volunteer organization, struggled to gain her support for The Medicare for All Act of 2019 (HR 1384) and become a co-sponsor. The recent pandemic and death tolls have highlighted what is a glaring disparity in access to care and a fundamental lack of human rights, right in her own district.

Minnesota’s 4th Congressional district is home to more than 700,000 residents and more than 70,000 of them are disabled, 177,000 earn less than the median income, and 33,000 have no insurance coverage at all. Of the uninsured, 5,330 are children. Minnesota is also paying the higher cost of Medicaid for another 247,000 residents in her district. All this while the incumbent has publicly provided insurance at a Platinum level of coverage, a rank that consumers on Healthcare.gov have no access to themselves.

Sandbeck spoke about removing barriers in access to healthcare during an interview on this network:

“Even people like Warren Buffet describe our health care system as, ‘a tapeworm on the economy’. I call it a homicidal health crime industry because we are sacrificing our own people at the altar of greed.”

Sanbeck’s comments come as Democrats in Congress are pushing for billions in subsidies for insurance companies while continuing to ignore the private costs to consumers. This ignores the extensive data proving a program like Medicare for All saves taxpayers, states, and the federal budget significantly more than private insurance.

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