Rome’s Rebellion: Detroit Doesn’t Need Your Permission

Rome Bethea takes a hard swipe at the predictable push back yet again on protesters in his city. Naysayers are disappointed that people are excising their rights to protests and acting like there isn’t sufficient justification.

Rome Bethea: Play Their Game

Rome Bethea offers a simple, yet effective solution for activists who are not yet ready to give up. Ignore the labels because party leaders are doing just that as their actions clearly lean in favor of the donor class. Thier collective actions over the last decade alone have ushered in the current oligarchy status within the United States.

Rome suggests that activists “play their game” in the same way Elizabeth Warren admitted she was, “just a player,” and tell them whatever they want to hear, but help enact progressive policy.

Tax the Churches

“Tax the Churches”

Rome Bethea asks a simple question with profound implications. For too long churches have come close to pushing congregations outright to vote for specific candidates and parties. This has come close to blurring the lines between church and state and jeopardized their non-profit standing.