By Kerri Barber, Editor and Journalist


Environmental Justice matters.

After more than a month, corporate-owned media has finally come to the realization that the progressive community has spoken about for years – environmental justice plays a bigger role in our lives, and survival that they admit.

In fact, we were the ones to break the direct connection between pollution and this novel virus to help explain why communities of color and black men specifically, are experiencing more severe COVID19 symptoms than other populations.

In Chicago, the overwhelming death rate among black men is downright shocking. While others are left to speculate on the cause, we brought you the real story in February and it was not a pretty one. Dr. Burdette said it best, “We are the ones who suffer so that others can live comfortably.”

We first explored the effects of environmental justice and chronic health issues with Dr. Burdette and the Union of Concerned Scientists back in early February. The toxins allowed to blanket these communities have already been shown to elevate chronic issues like asthma, liver failure, cancer, and other serious issues.  

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We published a three-part series on the political decisions being made to keep these communities down while more affluent neighbors received almost immediate relief. This series took on the task of using only publicly available sources with complete citations to help highlight just how openly the political machine operates with impunity.

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Then we followed up on this connection with Dr Mustafa Santiago Ali, the former senior vice president of the EPA who was the first top official to resign when Trump appointee Scott Pruiit took over. Dr Ali agreed that these were important factors in these communities of poor and undeserved people baring the brunt of the death toll.  

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We are now one of a small few covering the dire affect of the EPA’s rollback on regulations AND protection of scientific data. This will affect everyone.

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While we wait for corporate-owned media to catch up and admit the truth of why COVID19 is so deadly for our communities, please accept our sincere thank you for being a part of our work. We deserve better news coverage unfiltered by corporate interests.

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