Democratic Leadership has Failed and These are Their Replacements: Shahid Buttar

Democratic leadership is supposed to be the wall to defend voters. Instead they are working with Republicans at every turn. Shahid Buttar, a constitutional lawyer from San Francisco, predicted the fallacy and failure of the impeachment trial in May 2019.

April COVID19 New Evidence and an Update on Vaccine Work with Dr. Dylan Burdette

Dr. Dylan Burdette, PhD., is an experienced and respected virologist working with researchers on the COVID19 virus to understand its behaviors and mutations. As the global pandemic continues to affect every corner of the globe, researchers like Dr. Burdette are working together to share data and analysis to determine the virus’ pattern of behavior across populations and identify an effective cure.

Syrian Refugees in Jordan

As Americans brace for what will be a long and trying time through the COVID19 crisis, our efforts overseas cannot be ignored. Our foreign policy and geopolitical decisions have consequences for others who are facing the same dire threat with additional hardships brought about by US interventionism and proxy wars. One such population are the Syrian refugees living in Jordan.

Hair of the Dog “Contamination Avoidance”

Andy and Kerri talk about the news from the weekend and how the average citizens still isn’t getting the concept of contamination avoidance during the COVID19 pandemic. Even Andrew Yang got it all wrong by promoting a planned contamination of soldiers. Add to that the videos circulating about evangelicals using faith as an excuse to ignore the warnings offered by scientists.