Allen Howell is the driving force behind Bernie or Bust TV (BOBTV) and has been keeping the channel alive for years. Now, during the presidential primary, Allen is fighting mad. He has every right to be – after the botched Iowa primary then state after state primary irregularities and more.
Allen is bothered by journalists who are trying to squash the #BernieorBust movement despite the sideline coverage.
“Its not new that we are being scolded by adults who seem to know better, ” Allen says with sarcasm. “But this time it has been even worse. We haven’t been scolded that much. There is some sort of cabal that is trying to keep us from being heard at all and it includes ‘Left’ pundits.”
BOBTV supports the policy conversations and the #BernieorBust hashtag is making a resurgence through social media. Allen points to the trending hashtag as a sign of support that talking heads seem to be trying to stifle. Allen points directly to the connection between former Disney CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg who supported HRC and then contributed $20 million to The Young Turks (TYT) via corporate holding in WNDR. Allen points to this as influential in Cenk Uygur’s abrupt pivot toward HRC after the 2016 primary shenanigans.
“What I am suspicious of is that these are professional sheepdogs who are supposed to get Bernie people excited about becoming active…that’s what the DNC needs more than anything else, the DNC needs the new blood, so they play ‘footsie’ with Bernie and let him speak sometimes.”
Allan says, “The point of Bernie or Bust television is to scare elitists, comfortable mostly white corporate suck-up Democrats – real people, not pundits or insiders like David Brock or Nerra Tanden. We realize these insiders probably want Trump more than they want Bernie….We are trying to get the comfortable suburbanites to change their minds.”
 Neera Tanden is the head of Center for American Progress, touted as a once leftist moderate organization, but under Tanden’s leadership now espouses policies that are far more conservative than liberal. The New York Times wrote about the animous Tanden and Bernie’s campaign manager, Fiaz Shakir, have retelling the story of Tanden’s assault on Shakir after an interview with then candidate HRC had to dodge questions critical of her policies. “I didn’t slug him, I pushed him,” Tanden maintains.
On the subject of Climate Change, Allen believes the biggest challenge we face is in corporate owned media, “We have to break the hold of corporate media. They are every bit as strong as the Republican Party, the Democratic party and they work hand-in-glove with the parties to keep foisting disastrous results on people…It doesn’t seem like the urgency of the climate crisis is coming through.”
Gallop polling shows a little more than half of all Americans are concerned about the issue, but far fewer believe that it will affect them personally. This, despite clear evidence to the contrary across the Midwest with flooding and wild files, stronger storm surges and more occurring at an accelerated rate.
Polling results show that support for addressing climate change has actually gone down from 2016 – 2018, becoming a partisan issue and more conservatives see these discussions as an attack on their way of life.
Allen also pushes back on interviewer Kerri Barber, hoping to get her to come to the BernieorBust side. Barber retells of her 2016 experience as a Bernie endorsed candidate and what happened to all down ballot races when the top of the ticket was lead by corporate candidate HRC and all campaign funds in Illinois were funneled to the Hillary Victory Fund illegally as retold in DNC Chair Donna Brazil’s book.
Allen suggests that the power of the grassroots is far bigger than people realize.
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