Jason Eno Interview Part 3 

Join Jason Eno and Don Ford for part 3 of this informative discussion on reform for the party through delegate elections. Eno is the founder of #DemEnter and walks grassroots activists through how to step up and get engaged. Through delegate elections, activists can join state and national committees to change the party.  

1:30 Using Movement Politics to Reform 

The discussion picks up with how new activists can get involved according to their own time and talents. The people in the committee meetings may not be the same as those canvassing on the front lines.  This
is how we build coalitions even with the supporters of other
candidates. Reforming the process also means navigating the toxicity of
the process itself.


6:17 The Beginnings of DemEnter and Lessons Learned 

had changed since the inception at the 2016 DNC Convention and the
whirlwind of those events. The concept began as a result of the
convention and the process

in Philadelphia that morphed a national meeting format into one of
pageantry. Jason says he had foresight enough to know that Sanders was
not going
to clinch the nomination so he focused on what would come next. This singular event crystalized what grassroots activism was up against and the challenges still being faced today. 


19:40 Unity and Reform in the Establishment 

is a split within the DNC leadership itself and it is not a unified
front. The Third Way influence is undeniable and is working behind the
scenes to guide beh
aviors or new party members. This mirrors the split that came through the DemEnter movement and take-over by conflicting philosophies. This goes to efforts to marginalize leaders and movement supporters in order to stifle advancement and a cohesive strategy.  


30:01 Few People Engage and These are the Ones Who Lead 

the people who support a candidate, a few put themselves in a position
to vote for him and of that group there are fewer willing to put
themselves out to run as delegate, fewer of these read the rules, even
fewer are willing to take actio
This is an opportunity especially in the few that vote in the primary
at all. Less than 1% of those who voted at all in the primary are the
ones who decide who the DNC is
and will be in the following years.   

are more activists than there are people in the state and national
party that are being used to control policy and rules. Therefore,
entryism is critical and it works.


To Watch Part 2 click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWMoF_f_kvY  

To Watch Part 1 click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFGTKmTzN2k 


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