Part 2: Jason Eno is a Bernie Sanders delegate from the great state of Hawaii. He is also the creator of the #DemEnter Facebook group. He and Don Ford discuss strategy on how to best affect change on the rules that determine how Democratic candidates and elected. Jason stresses that preparation and knowledge of the rules is key to success.


We are picking up where we left off with this interview with Jason Eno, creator of #DenEnter and Bernie Delegate from Hawaii in 2016.
We jump right in with more on the DNC and Iowa State Central Committee and the power they hold. Don had proposed that Troy Price step down as this debacle risked their first in the nation status. This demonstrates the power of strategic organizing to evoke meaningful change.
“If you haven’t read the document, you are at such a disadvantage because you don’t know what is true. On the flip side, if you have read the rules the person you are speaking to probably hasn’t and there is no way to challenge you. They are done.”
9:45 Understanding the process is power.
Rules and DNC equity for low-income members. The rules say that equitable accommodations are to be provided for DNC Delegates. In Iowa there is a rule about presidential preference cards are to be preserved as a method of ensuring a good paper trail. This ensure a proper recount of the cards. If the delegate selection plan was not properly implemented and having that rule in hand is a powerful tool to challenge the process and how the results will be transferred from their own plan.
15:00 Winning any argument
Jason illustrates how to logically use the rules and effective communication to win any objection to rules and processes that are not following the established rules. These are simple strategies anyone can use to help guide others toward fair and honest election integrity management.
16:30 Calling for Tom Perez’s resignation is a mistake
Is Tome Perez the only thing that stands between attacks on the reforms already made? Jason says the focus should be on the lack of understanding how the new chair would be appointed for the person is who would chair the DNC convention in July.