March COVID19 Mutation Update with Dr. Burdette, PhD

In this follow-up interview, Don E. Ford speaks with Dr. Burdette, PhD about the mutations of COVID19 and the myths prevalent through social media.

Dr Burdette highlights a moment in time comparing Ohio and Michigan’s confirmed cases. Both states were in parity until Ohio postponed their primary election and Michigan continued with theirs on March 17. How can this be if the virus requires an extended incubation period?

Macro v Micro Economics

The federal govt is the currency issuer, it can’t work like your household budget, simply because it makes the money, it never has to find revenue! Just think of how different your budget would look if you had a printing press!? Your only limit would be what’s for sale! It is the same with the federal govt.

Jason Eno and the DNC Rules and By Laws Part 2

Jason Eno is a Bernie Sanders delegate from the great state of Hawaii. He is also the creator of the DemEnter Facebook group. He and Don Ford discuss strategy on how to best affect change on the rules that determine how Democratic candidates and elected. Jason stresses that preparation and knowledge of the rules is key to success.