DNC Delegate Rules and the Myth of the ‘Super Delegate”

Everything you need to know about Super Delegates and all the things you never thought to ask.
Let’s start with the Basics…

ILCS HB3888 Derailed: How environmental justice lost to ‘The Machine’

Rita Mayfield, however, has a donor that profile reads like a who’s-who of Republican backers with everything from Monsanto, to chemical lobbies, oil and gas, banks, pro-life and pro-choice groups, and even two Charles Koch charities; one of which lobbies for charter schools. Her voting record is also a ruddy hue of purple, not blue, as she declined to support LGTB marriage, voted with many across the state to enact an ALEC sponsored bill to criminalize protests of projects like the Keystone Pipeline,

Intro to MMT and Federal Spending with Warren Mosler

Policy is paramount and understanding macroeconomics is key to enacting good Progressive policy. This is “How we pay for it” that ends all counterarguments. In fact, what we make, produce, and the value of our labor is what produces the value of our economy. Therefore, proper investment in us drives economic growth for the nation.

Interview with Joseph Traina: An Insider’s look at party politics and the Progressive movement

Joseph was the poster child of the Democratic party as a young, enthusiastic and effective organizer. Joseph became the vocal focal point for fifteen progressives that shook a county and the state party in a way that hasn’t happened in decades.