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Nina Turner Signs with the Working Families Party, Snubs Movement for the People’s Party

Nina Turner, former Ohio State Senator and Bernie Sander Presidential Campaign spokesperson, announces her pledge to the Working Families’ Party through a March 23 email to supporters.

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Estate Trafficking and Probate Extortion

Elder Abuse has been a topic covered for decades, but few covered abuses in the Probate court systems. There is a nefarious pattern of unscrupulous

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Beginning A Conversation About Race

A relevant conversation with an expert – Sara Wilder, a professional social worker with practical tips and insight into the mind of racists and how

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Hair of the Dog

Trouble in MPP Paradise?

Andy & Kerri welcome Kamilah Harris and Stephen Coleman, former organizers with Movement for a People’s Party (MPP) who allege racism, bias, and other cracks

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Hair of the Dog

International Women’s Month: A Series in Women Behaving Badly

Through the month of March, Andy & Kerri pay tribute to women behaving badly – for all the right reasons! Come along and celebrate these

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Detroit: Community Cookout Charity Event

Free clothes for the homeless and free food for everyone. A gathering of the community, by the community. Hosted by Detroit’s own Rome Bethea.

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State Sanctioned Kidnapping & Extortion: Are you at risk?

Special Report “Estate Trafficking” with This is as close as they could get to owning a human in America – it is all perfectly

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Arsenic in Baby Formula: A decade of risk

The risk to families was understood and evident under the Obama Administration, evidenced by these same sources cited within the committee’s findings, and reference in the FDA’s own studies.

All that remains is for members of Congress and the FDA to finally take action based on the science already in their possession.

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Hair of the Dog

Black History Month for White Allies

Kerri & Andy are celebrating Black History Month by gently tearing down myths and examining the ways in which white allies can avoid missteps.

Using thoughtful examples and the customary humor, Kerri and Andy explore underlying causes that contribute to “fauxgressive wokeness”. Come along in this delightful series of episodes and see how we can all improve on a personal journey to equality and a celebration of diversity!

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Justice Or Revolution?

Panelists Das Leune Director’s Assistant for “Judas and the Black Messiah”, Samaria Rice Mother of Tamir Rice and Kwame Shakur of the Black Liberation Circle

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Hair of the Dog

Why PAY-Go is Not an Impediment to Progressive Policy

Remember when AOC said ending “Pay-Go” was a win and removing that policy would open the flood gates for Progressive policy? Kerri and Andy looked

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The World We Live In With Darnell Williams

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